I have recently listen presentation on Typography delivered by Inderpreet Singh. He delivered in such a way that he enforced audience to think upon every minute while reading or writting any material.

Typography is how to present written material in well manner. It is not about designing or decorating, it is about problem solving. Typograpghy is justfont, which change mood of readers. Every font say something, and every font has special meaning, just to recognize it which font where needed.
Most of the webpages filled with content in bad typography, that makes reader uncomfortable.

Typography change the look of material in such a way that reader kept on reading with interest. It is the heart of articles, blogs and webpages.

Before listening to this presenatation I have never think about Typography.
Now I came to know, how much Typograpghy matters.
Need to think how we can read books continuosly, specially novels.
Need to think that how small things made change from good to excellence.
Without typograpghy is just like forget to put maggie masala into maggie.

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