Install Ubuntu Server

Take backup of your data.

Make tar file:

# tar -cvzf maketarfile.tar.gz ./*

To know about tar more, try “man tar” in your command window.

./* use to give path of directory of which you make tar file. 
. is current directory
/ current directory inside
* consider everything

Copy to USB media:

# cp -r maketarfile.tar.gz /media/media_name

Unmount media after copied tar files:

umount mount point
ex : unmount /dev/sdb1

Install Ubuntu Server

Get USB media either bootable CD or pendrive of Ubuntu Server.
Insert USB in USB port.
Press favourable function key to enter boot menu.
Language setting : English US
Detect keyboard layout : NO, in our case. 
Keyboar layout setting : US

After loading additional components
hostname- Define hostname example abc.local
Creating manual partitions :
delete primary and logical partitions if exist.

  • create a new partition for home
  • Mount point /home
  • create a new partition for var 
  • Mount point /var
  • create a new partition for boot
  • Mount point /boot
  • Create a new partition for root
  • Mount point /

Done with disk patitioning.

Manage upgrades:
Softare Default Install Server
Install SSH Server
Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record

Finish Installation

Network Configuration for static IP

Open the /etc/network/interfaces file. I have used vi, but you can choose a different editor.

# vi /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

you can customize this to your network.

Set DNS nameserver either Open DNS and Google DNS:

Open DNS
Google DNS

# vim /etc/resolv.conf

Now you will just need to restart the networking components

# /etc/init.d/networking restart

Reboot you system

# sudo reboot

Six Month Training Experience

Before training, I have planned going to chandigarh for my 6 moths training. I wanted to work in an IT Company and side apart an IELTS Course. I have tried to find an IT Company, but unfortunately I did not have any relations with an IT Person. As my Training application submit date had come closer, I asked my friends where they would be joining. One of my friend Jaspreet Kaur Sarao replied and suggested me to join training in college campus, under Dr. H.S.Rai Dean of Testing & Consultancy Cell, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. Many questions were arising in my mind, as which language would be taught there?, On which technology we will work? Jaspreet answered all my questions. She told about her 6 weeks training. That she worked on open source Softwares and Linux. IT companies used windows or proprietry softwares, which is not good. She also gave example of old Trainee under Dr. H.S.Rai, is Parveen Arora. Who have selected in GSOC. Then I made up my mind to get trained under Dr. H.S.Rai, with hope of my best output. I have experienced various technical lectures on some language in my 6 weeks training are HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Ajax, PHP, MySQL learned from outside in an Institute. This was the only teaching method I knew.

At the time of Training, apart from my projects, which I experienced is not less then any IT company or a dream workplace. The best thing is “Environment”. Trainees shared their experience, ideas, problems on mailing list. Training has not based on any language, it has based on project-oriented approach or problem-oriented approach. The working technique has to get project and understand requirements. On the basis of requirements, learning process has begin. Searching on Internet is a first choice, and which made me feel independent. Tools and Techniques are practiced well from internet. The main part is code, which requires language, is choice to chose by self. Rule to use Open Source. I am Working on a linux Operating system and useing FOSS. I learned to manage code on github. Work is properly documented and blogged. Write daily diary during Training time which made me worked. I am updated with the new technology by attending seminars and Discussions on mailing list. I rely on Open Source, want to work with an Open Source organization, participate in GSOC.

After Training, I felt change in me, I no more need any institute to work on. I am self motivated. This change is only made because of my mentor Dr. H.S.Rai, which spend their valuable time on us. I always wish to remain his student for my lifetime. The most important thing is now I have learned how to work, how to solve my problems.